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Paint Removal, Paint Stripping Services - Invention 

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Inventor, U.S. Citizen
Samuel Lee Miles
Rochester, Michigan 

Method for Stripping Paint from Non-ferrous Substrates 


This invention is an improved composition for removal of cured paint from non-ferrous parts. More specifically, the present invention relates to an environmentally friendly method of cured paint removal with a composition that is 99% free of volatile organic 


Automobile, Industrial and Aircraft exterior parts are painted to protect the substrates from corrosion and also to enhance the cosmetic appearance to help market the finished product. Most manufactures that apply paint finishes have a paint defect rate of 5% to as high as 30% of daily production. Many paint finishing manufactures can no longer afford to discard these parts with paint defects, most manufactures will strip the defective parts in a hot paint strip tank and recycle by repainting the parts. Prior art utilized many different compositions and methods for the removal of paint from many different substrates. The present invention offers an environmentally safe composition, with improved methods of stripping paint from non-ferrous substrates. Prior art paint stripping utilized heated, highly caustic, alkaline solutions as demonstrated by Murphy in Pat. No. 3,766,076 in 1973 and by Sullivan in Pat. No. 3,980,587 in 1976. The highly caustic paint strip compositions are not suitable or compatible for use to remove paint from non-ferrous metal parts. The caustic solutions will aggressively attack most non-ferrous metal substrates such as aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, zinc die cast, chromium, and tin. Chlorinated volatile organic solvents were utilized to strip paint in Pat. No. 3,574,123 as described by Laugle in 1971. The present art utilizes volatile organic solvents, such as n-methyl 2-pyrrolidone as reported in Pat. No. 4,120,810 by Palmer in 1978 and glycol phenol ether or ethoxylated furfuryl alcohol in Pat. No. 4,619,706 as described by Squires, Hundley, Barry and Powell in 1986. The present technologies continue to utilize compositions containing volatile organic solvents which have been proven to attack our environments protective ozone layer.


The inventor discovered improved methods to chemically strip and remove paint from non-ferrous substrates with an environmentally friendly composition 99% free of volatile organic compounds. It has also been discovered that this method of removing paint from non-ferrous substrates does not adversely attack the soft metal surfaces. The invention will not harm highly polished aluminum surfaces, whereas many solvent containing and silicated compositions will stain polished aluminum surfaces. The invention will remove cured paint from ferrous substrates as well as non-ferrous and plated surfaces. The method or process of use requires a vented, heated strip tank with adequate agitation. The invention is used as received, with no water or volatile organic solvent additive. The invention is a unique composition that exhibits 99% free of any volatile organic compounds, a flash point exceeding 400 degrees Fahrenheit, a boiling point exceeding 500 degrees Fahrenheit, a low vapor pressure and is safe for use to strip paint from non-ferrous substrates.


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